CC121 users? What's your button setup?

I 've been using my CC121 for about a month. LOVE it. I still forget to use it sometimes (lol) but starting to integrate & internalize it more. It’s really well thought out – I thought I was happy with my Faderport, but this thing is awesome. The AI knob is so simple, but so useful. A couple curiosities:

  1. Is your fader super loud when it moves? Whenever I launch Cubase and it snaps from zero up to unity it scares the crap out of me. When I use automation for fades the fader noise is really distracting on playback. I compare it to my Yamaha console (CL5) and those faders are almost silent in comparison. I did buy mine used and it needs to be gone over.
  2. How do you have your function buttons set? I’m on:
  3. Reset meters
  4. Launch iZotope RX for offline processing (i use it a lot)
  5. Zoom -
  6. Zoom +
  7. Any hacks, protips, secrets?