CC4 reamaping for different notes

Hi I recoreded midi drums using Roland maschine. Hi hat pedal was recored with cc4 information.
Now I want to change cc4 command for grooves without cc4 command.
I need simply assign that from cc4 information between 1-20 will be note A1 from 21-40 note A#1 etc
Can you help me how to do that? I recorded great drummer and without that Im stuck.

Hi anybody can help with that?

Maybe I’m too late but I just stumbled over a thing: My Roland sends the actual CC4 right before every HiHat hit. So you could do something like this in the logical editor (or transformer):

  • type = note
  • value1 = A#1
  • last event = midi status 176
  • last event value 1 = 4
  • last event value 2 <= 20

then transform this to

  • value1 = whatevernoteyouwant

For CC4 values between 21 and 40 instead of “last event value 2 <= 20” set “last event value 2 <= 40” and add a “last event value 2 > 20”

Just tried it with the CC4 values above and it works here, too lazy to test all the other values :slight_smile: Maybe you have to export all HiHat relevant MIDI data in a seperate MIDI part before using the transformer.