CC64 issues in Cubase 7

In C5 and C6 and early versions of Cubase CC64 always displayed as two values: 0/127 as a on/off switch. This was useful and convenient for mouse editing. But in C7 CC64 becomes a normal CC curve drawing. I wonder if this is a bug or Steinberg changed CC64 into a continues curve in purpose? And why?


CC64 = sustain right?

Actually I’m happy to hear it’s now displayed as continuous, didn’t test it myself yet -

I have a continuous sustain pedal, and with my IvoryII piano VSTi I can use it for half-pedaling…

In C5/6 I had to go to the list editor if I wanted to make some corrections …because it was always displayed as on/off in the key editor

It would perhaps be nice if we could set the way CC data is displayed -



This is a feature that I wish were implemented in Cubase 6. I can’t upgrade to Cubase 7 with my current system, so I have to use the input transformer in order to see sustain data as a continuous curve.