CC64 Sustain issue

Last night I was working with a layer of piano and strings, and I decided to use the CC64 to automate the strings sustain. Well I get home from work today to work on with the project some more however now when I play live and use the sustain pedal, the release is backwarks (pressing the pedal turns off sustain and lifting off of it turns on sustain). What did I do wrong lol, watch this one be simple and I am just missing it.

What I have tried thus far is, going into the CC64 again and automating it to again with no success and then I hid it from the selection and that still didn’t work… please help.

Check for a polarity switch on the pedal. If not, try shutting off the keyboard, un-plugging the pedal, plugging it in and turning on the keyboard.

It’s turns out that indeed somehow the master keyboard got it’s wires crossed lol, thanks for the help, as far as hardware I really didn’t expect it haha.

Always expect the un-expected. :wink: :mrgreen:

Maybe you had the pedal pressed when turning on the keyboard? Some devices measure the pedal polarity on startup, assuming it is open. At least my drumkit does.