CC64 Sustain stays active when I hit Stop (MIDI CC to Automation)

Hi everyone,
I extracted the CC64 Sustain (Piano) data from an Instrumental track, bringing it to an automation line.

When I press Stop (near the active Sustain at 127) all the music stops but the Sustain sound remains active! (Gradually decays).

This did not happen when the data was in the MIDI part (when I pressed Stop everything stopped).

How can I fix? I hope I made myself clear.

I haven’t tried this yet.
Despite having used Cubase for several decades, I did not know that Cubase would send a CC#64: 0 (Off) when you press stop. I guess I never thought about it, but it makes sense that it would.

What is the reason for having CC64 on an automation lane rather than as CC events in the MIDI part?

What are your settings in Prefs>MIDI?

@mlindeb this is part of what is sent when reset on stop is active.

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My expectations is Cubase send the Reset on Stop. The Reset sets the MIDI CC64 to value 0.

But if you use automation instead, the automation doesn’t send this reset value. Therefore no one switches the Sustain Off and all the Notes under the Sustain remain sounding.

To be sure, are there any CC64’s in the midi part at all now?

Do you (@Danix78 ) use this method regularly, and this is the first time it didn’t work as expected?

@Martin.Jirsak As someone who never understood why you would want MIDI CC data in an automation lane, what are the main differences between having CC data in a Controller Lane as opposed to on an Automation Lane?


I was using automation (for all CCs but triggers) in the past, because it wasn’t possible to make curves in the CC lanes. Nowadays when we can use curves also for the MIDI CCs in the editors, I don’t see a reason anymore.

Thanks everyone for the replies!

I don’t know exactly why to choose MIDI or Automation for CC64…

@Martin.Jirsak has found a good answer! Maybe there will be other answers…

No, I have extracted all the MIDI data.

No, it was the first time… in my case I chose to extract all the parameters from all the Tracks (to have a view of all the active parameters in the Project) and it was the first time I saw CC64 on Automation. … and I also discovered this inconvenience at the Stop!

Yes, the settings are like these you report… but, as @Martin.Jirsak also states…

… options for MIDI don’t work with Automations!

I thought there were some options like these for MIDI… but from your answers, I’m afraid not! The CC64 will return to the MIDI Part… Thanks to all… and, if there’s any news, let me hear you! See you soon!