CC7 Automation and cycle

I have a midi track with volume automation. Inside a cycle ,the volume is set to 127 everywhere. But when the cycle jump to the beginning of the loop, the cc7 goes to 63 on my instrument. It’s Vienna instruments pro inside vienna ensemble pro. There no cc7 data inside any parts.

What I’m i doing wrong? Is this a known bug?

Thanks for any help!


add a val:127 volume automation point at the beginning of your clip…?

Thanks Ggc,
Done that but it only work if the value start from a different value (126 to 127). Adding a single automation node of 127 does nothing if the automation line is already to 127. Adding a cc7 data inside the part also works.

That’s fine workarounds but there’s still a problem. I will check if this bug as been reported and if not, I will do it.