CC7 automation lane

I’m still struggling with invisible CC7 data in my projects.

I found a way to create a CC7 lane. I can create CC7 inside a MIDI part, then use extract MIDI->functions->Extracdt MIDI automation to create an automation track with it. The automation lane is called “MIDIChannel-Volume”. Yet no such track can be found in the parameter-menu.

My problem still is:
every instrument track stores a CC7/MIDIChannel-Volume value even if there is no CC7 data in parts or a MIDIChannel-Volume automation lane. It still has a global value, as any other automation parameter without data in an automation lane.
So how can I see this value.
Some instruments map it to some knob or parameter that’s editable inside the VST.
Some don’t, yet still use it as a volume multiplicator for all incoming MIDI notes.

Cubase because of whatever unintelligible reasons decided to completely hide this parameter from the user, but still store a value for it. So if any track by chance captured some incoming CC7 data from a controller while being recond enabled, it’s stuck there forever, yet there’s no way to see it.

I know I can MIDI Filter CC7 globally in preferences, yet all of my projects with instrument track still have some invisible CC7 value set and with a filter active I can’t even change it to full volume, if I suspect it could be too low volume because of that.



Right-click the source MIDI/Instrument track and select the “Show used automation” from the drop-down menu.

Yes, thanks martin, that was confusing, this sentence should have gone in a new paragraph.
What I meant: with the way I described, I can create an automation track.
But I have to write CC data first, use extract (or controller automation setup) to convert it to automation data to do so.
Every (almost) other CC is already in the parameter list so can have the automation track directly AND without writing automation data. So I can see the value that’s hidden but there.

My point is, I can’t see the value of CC7/MIDIChannel-Volume, although there is one. I can see of course an automation track, if I write one. But also without automation data there’s a value for it and it’s unaccessible, but VST’s do read it (some do some don’t).

Why do you need to Automation Tracks for this? Seems like an unnecessary step if all you want to do is edit CC#7 data from a MIDI part.
Instead, you can use a lane in the MIDI key editor to see and manipulate any CCs. You could also use the MIDI List Editor to easily filter out any CC.


CC7 is missing, because this is the Volume for the MIDI Track.