CC7 & CC10 missing in quick controls...


On all the computers I’ve checked, CC7 & CC10 are not on the quick controls drop-down list:

Why is that?


CC7 and CC10 are volume and pan which appear at the top of the quick control selection list.

Not when it comes to an Instrument track.

luga1 posted the correct info, but you’re looking in the wrong place or, by using cc in the search, field you are filtering out what you are looking for.

As you can see in the picture, I’m not using “CC” in the search filed.

I beg to differ! :slight_smile:

Ooops I’ve looked at luga01 picture instead of mine :slight_smile:

Either way, his picture show a MIDI track, not an instrument track.
The volume and pan of an instrument track belongs to the audio section, not the MIDI section, therefore, moving them doesn’t sends any CC,
which brings me back to square one - where is CC7 and CC10 on an instrument track?

BTW, how do I embed pics here?

@dfhagai I think you are right, I noticed this a while back, there is no CC7 or CC10 available for instrument channels. To my mind it should be in the list. I wouldn’t say it’s a bug but its certainly a deficiency!


Do you see them in MIDI tracks??


I’m a certified Steinberg teacher. I have been teaching Cubase for 12 years and I haven’t found the lost CC’s yet :slight_smile:

Here, on 9.5.30 quick controls look the same for midi tracks and for instrument tracks. Neither have cc7 and cc10 grouped with the other 125 CCs.

They do look the same, but they function differently.

How then? I’m not sure I understand…

Performed the follow:
0. Create Empty Project

  1. Create Instrument Track and simple part.
  2. Go to Quick Controls and Search for “cc” (List shown in screenshot)
  3. Enable Read on track and record Modulation to Automation Track using Quick Control slot 1

The only difference I observe is that when Modulation is recorded this way, it appears on an Automation Lane and when recorded in the Instrument Track (or MIDI Track), Modulation appears, as usual, within the track. The sound is identical.

It’s true that CC 7 and CC 10 are not on my list of CC’s but would that not be redundant? Those controllers they are available but labeled Volume and Pan.

I know about the CC’s in the automation lane of course…that’s not what I’m talking about… :slight_smile:

Let me ask differently:
Lets say I have Kontakt loaded on an instrument track, and I want to move the volume/pan of the instrument that’s loaded into Kontakt, using quick controls (that eventually be recorded in the automation lane of the project window)

You Can’t do that!
The only workaround I know is putting “MIDI Control” in the MIDI inserts and connecting it to the Quick Controls, but that is cumbersome and ridiculous…

Here’s a pic:

Certainly nothing so convoluted is required.

QCs are designed so that you would use the plugin’s automation. So for Kontakt:

That’s a clumsy solution because:

  1. It’s Kontakt Specific.
  2. It’s something you’ll have to do every time (unless you save a track preset).

So I ask again - why are CC7 & CC10 discriminated?

Because it’s Quick Controls, and not just midi.

But Quick Controls does sends all the rest of the MIDI controls right?
And that’s exactly what doesn’t make any sense…

I think the problem is that with a MIDI track the Volume and Pan CCs are spun out to the top level menu rather than appearing in the CC list. Then, with an Instrument track the Volume and Pan that is in the top level menu is actually the audio channel Volume and Pan rather than MIDI Volume and Pan. But SB haven’t put the CC numbers back in the list, so there is no way to control MIDI Volume and Pan from either automation or quick controls.

But, there is a way to get this into an automation lane… Draw some midi volume automation in the Controller Lane in the MIDI editor, ‘Extract MIDI Automation’ and then you have an automation lane for MIDIChannel-Volume. But it still doesn’t appear in the dropdown list and you can’t get it to be a Quick Control :slight_smile: