CCs and labels


Do you go mad like me trying to remember all your CCs meanings? So, you use as many of them as I do!

I would like if a label name for each CC could be saved in an expression map. When editing that part in the CC lane, you see the actual CC name, together with its number.

So, if you assigned CC20 to xfading between two techniques, you’ll see something like “CC20 - Vib Xfade”. Or “CC22 - Vib Intensity”. Or “CC74 - Filter Cutoff”. And so on.

Since the map is saved with the expression map, each sound library can use its own labels.



Great idea

I seem to recall this has been requested before. I look forward to when its time will come.

This is especially needful because different libraries can use different CC assignments. With VSL this is even the case within their various library offerings, so it’s not just a problem when various library vendors are involved.

As you said, the appropriate place for this is the Expression Map. Ideally you would have a label set for each map but also the capability to override these for any particular entry.

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