CD and Track text issues

Hello: I have a question about the text display on the CD once I burn a project. I added the text for each track and the CD title itself and made sure that the “enable text” box is checked. I burn the CD and when I play it in my car the Cd information does display fine. However, When putting the CD into my computer and opening the disc, the tracks only say “track 1, track 2” etc…

How come the song names do not appear like they do when the CD is inserted into a car stereo? This is a real issue when a client tries to add their music to say i-tunes. They want to see the song information.

Thank you in advance.

iTunes can write CD-TEXT but it does not read CD-TEXT
Windows Media Player needs a plug-in that adds the support for reading CD-Text.

ok, so even when I insert a CD into my i-mac and right click the CD icon to open, each song won’t have the song title it will just say “audio track 1, audio track 2” etc…?

There is no way to have the song titles come up?


Here is a script that reads CD-Text info from Audio CD in iTunes for OSX

be aware CD-Text is printed into the Audio CD media when mastering
CD track listning is from CD data bases like Grace Note, FreeDB etc
and this is not the same thing.

regards S-EH

Computers normaly look up names on the internet, not on the disc.

Put the final CD in the computer, fill in the names maualy if needed, and tell the software to upload the info. Every software has a diferent way of doing this. Check out FreeDB or Gracenote for more info.

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Here is a link which you may find most helpful:

Rat, thanks for the post, it explained things perfectly that I only vaguely understood.