CD burned from one audio montage imcompatible

For years I have been using Wavelab (currently version 8.5) to burn CD-Rs from audio montages. The CD-Rs were always highly compatible with most CD players.

CD-Rs I burn from my latest montage however are only compatible with about every second CD player, on most players where the previous CDs were spinning fine, the “Reading…” display just remains forever.

I can still - with the same equipment and media - burn my old montages and the result is compatible with the same players that would refuse the CDs from the latest montage. I even tried burning the latest montage with different burner and media only to again get an incompatible CD again.

So I guess something is wrong with with the audio montage itself. Wavelab conformity check reports the montage is OK and 71,5 min long. Is there anything I can try to get this montage on CD-R with sufficient compatibility?

Try with a smaller basic montage, to see if the problem is really on the montage side, and not on the drive side.


Thank you Philippe. I shortened the montage to only a few minutes and still got incompatible CDs. But you got me on the track that something is wrong with the montage. For some reason I deactivated the “Adjust gaps between markers and sounds (CD-Frames)” setting in the CD wizard when preparing this montage. I just reran the wizard with only this option checked and that fixed my problem.