cd burning fails witthout administrator login


when i try to burn audio cds or create a ddp image with a normal pc user account, the process stopps with the comment “ein fehler ist aufgetreten” (a failure occured). when i’m logd in as a administrator, the burning process is succesfull.

which resources do i have to give more rights for successfull burning? i have a windows 7 64bit setup with wavelab 7 running on 25 pcs. burning with the windows tools (media player) works without problems.



WaveLab needs to be installed in administrator mode, was it the case?
According to Gear, this should work.
Try reinstalling the drivers (there is a new version) there:

hi pg

thx for your help, the software was installed with admin rights, i needed a older gear driver version for wavelab 7 even seeing the drive. i tried it noiw with the newest version, but without admin rights i still can’t burn cds or create a image.

Both I and Gear have done the test to burn a CD with a “Standard User” account, under Windows 7/64.
And this works.

Therefore, there must be some other issue on your installations. Something that would block the processes. Some other software? Virus software?

Gear told me that a file called “gearwritecd_*.log” will be produced in case of trouble. The location may vary, so have a look on your system for such a file, and if you find it, please pass it to me.


i couldn’t find the file but we take a look at our user rights and write here when we find a solution.