CD burning issue in Wavelab 10

Unfortunately I can’t write CD with Wavelab 10, after some moments I get this error message.

Wavelab version: 10.0.70
Mac OS X: 11.5.1
DVD writer: Asus external

Mac OS X can handle the DVD writer without any issues.
Is there any workaround to handle this problem?

What options do you choose in the CD burning dialog?

Try with the option checked “Render to Temporary File before Writing”.

Unfortunately it didn’t help.

Any chance to try with a different CD device?

Unfortunately nobody has an external DVD writer in my environment… :frowning:

You could try with a different media brand.

I will give it a try and get back to you.

That worked, thanks PG! The previous one was a Philips, this time I tried a Maxell one.
Thanks for your help.

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