CD burning - over-ride please insert new CD


I am using Wavelab 7 to burn a number of CD’s from a track, and have my computer in a separate space to my studio, to reduce noise.

Every time I burn a disc the burned disc ejects and I can then put in a new disc for burning. Unfortunately each time I have to go back into the studio and press a dialogue box that appears on screen to start the next disc burn process? I am unsure if this is a Windows or Wavelab dialogue box?

Is there any way of getting Wavelab to recognise a new disc is in the drive and just continue with the next burn?




Same situation. It is annoying …
Should be possible.
I think, Nero does it, for example…

but how to get Nero to be the default CD burner? I think Wavelab 7 is using it’s own burner?