CD-Burning, please, not as a blocking modal dialog window


noticed that burning a CD blocks the Wavelab application. Wouldn’t it make sense to be able to burn the CD in the background and continue working on audio with Wavelab? It would also be very convenient to burn more CDs if there are multiple burning drives available in the system and not currently in use.

I hope this modal window behavior can be overcome. Maybe even as a separate small burning application similar to the DDP player?

A burning quality evaluation would also be a nice thing. Apparently the quality of the CDs also varies quite a bit. Information about this would also be helpful.

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regarding the CD-Text exchange … There is an “Import” button, but no “Export” button to quickly and easily transfer CD-Text from one project to another.

Why is this the case? How can this be done easily?

Marker exchange:

The same applies to the Marker export and import.

You can export Markers as text in the function menu. But you can only import XML marker files.

Why not both export and import as TXT and XML? What is the point of exporting the marker as text if you cannot import this text file again?

Like the import-export pair with CD text, that doesn’t seem consistent to me? Am I mistaken? Will this be fixed in the new WaveLab? I hope so …

There can be various reasons why you need eg. the marker names and positions. Eg. when a quality assurance department reports defects to the audio provider.

This being said, CSV marker import will be possible in the next version.

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Thank you very much!

For CD-Text I had to create a report from WaveLab and write myself a Powershell script to create something that WaveLab CD-Text Import would hopefully read. I think an unnecessary effort.

And there is the CD-Text length limit. It would be nice if you could see how many characters are left when entering text. So far it’s been a guessing game for me.