CD burning problem

I am a new user of WaveLab Elements 8 and am very disappointed at the moment. I have followed all the instructions carefully, and spent a lot of time mastering and preparing my tracks for a CD. When i try to burn the CD it all appears to be successful, but the finished CD, although showing all the tracks and file size etc. fails to make any sound. I am using a Mac Pro running Mavericks. Any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Did you try to import the CD tracks back to WaveLab, to see if they really contain silence?

No - I will try that, but what could that tell me?

That will tell you what is really on disk. eg. real blank samples or very reduced level.

Thank you - I’ve just tried it and indeed it is full of silence - a flat line on all the tracks.
So, now what…?

Did you try to zoom vertically to see if that’s real zeros or low level samples?
Did you try burning a CD audio with another application, to validate CD burning on your hardware+OS?

That’s interesting: upon zooming in vertically I can see that there are very low level samples present. Is that a clue? My optical drive works fine in Toast Titanium and also burns from the Finder.

That certainly means you have set the Master Section faders nearly to 0 when you burnt…

Maybe I am misunderstanding something here. The 4 displays above the Master Faders read, left to right, 0dB, -0.2, -0.19, 0dB.
In smaller window above the levels for “Track” and “Master” are also at 0dB, but this was default, I haven’t adjusted anything here.
Everything sounds fine when I play the montage. Thanks so much for this help!

That’s interesting: upon zooming in vertically I can see that there are very low level samples present.

If you maximize this signal and play it, do you recognize your songs?

No, I just hear white noise.

I must say I have no clue. I never heard about a similar case.
How many CDs did you try to burn?

5 now - should the Master Faders not be on 0dB? Could it be anything to do with plug-ins? I have UAD Precision Compressor, Maximiser and Limiter in the Master section, and the 2 Perception plugs at each end of the chain.

Master faders should indeed be at 0 dB ideally. Could there be a plugin in bypass that will not be in bypass during rendering to CD? Does rendering to file also give a silent result?

Try without any plugin at all.

I will try this in an hour or so. Is Bypass on a plug-in ignored during the CD burn? I have Perception in bypass…

No, bypass is only for playback.
To make a real test, make a copy of you montage and remove any plugin.

I’m fighting against this master section all day long in the studio. :unamused:

I have same strange experience work with other normal files in Wavelab 8. Wavelab 8 and master section alter the wave-files volume level to 0db without you known it? Is it so by design? This happen example after resample etc…

Let say I add a wave-file in 48kHz 32bit floating that all maximum volume levels are set to -0.20db.
If I now just resaves it as MP3-file in 48Khz, 16bit, 320kbps all levels go up to 0db again? If I resample down a wave-file from 48 to 44.1kHz 32bit, last I checked it did it in 0db too?

Can all files just stay as it is please without the master-section change and mess it up?

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If Wavelab is known for one thing, it is that it NEVER does anything automatically behind your back. So you either inserted plugins that changed the level, changed the master faders to anything other than 0 or did something else.

Now one thing you also need to be aware of, is that encoding to MP3 always changes levels and you need to allow room for that.

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Eureka! It was the Bypassed Perception (a new product from Meter Plugs) plug-in that was causing the problem. I removed it from the montage and, as if by magic, the CD now writes and plays fine.
Phew, that was a week of awful frustration! Many thanks Philippe for your patient help.