CD burning questions.

I am new to Wavelab with 7 and I am very new to the software. Am I correct that to burn a CD, you must transfer the tracks from the Montage to the Audio Window? Is there anyway to do from the Montage window?

Also, as of yet, the CD Text is not showing up on my CD player, even though Wavelab has the information. I must be doing something wrong. Can anyone advise me?


No, everything is done from the Audio Montage. See the CD Tool window.

Thank you Phillipe. What about the CD TEXT not showing up?

Is it a hardware CD player? Does it work for other disks? Are you sure the CD-Text option is not disabled in the CD-Text edit dialog?

Also, be sure that your burner actually does write CD-text. I have a Plextor PX-880SA that supposedly writes it, but in reality does not…

Luck, Arjan