CD burning speed

Hello PG
It 's a request I already asked but no one seems to care.
I need to burn CD at the speed slower than 8x
Why do I still asking that???
Because I got a band and I need to give demo to festival managers and gig place owners. Many times the CD I gave to them, skipped
It did happen in front of me :imp: En français dans le texte, je me suis tapé la honte devant des gens devant lesquels je devais assuré et j’ai perdu des contrats comme çà.
So it 's a real issue for me, and I must specify that I already change my CD drive (view my previous post)
I’ll be really glad if you can a slower burning speed abilities in the next update (in I tunes you can burn at single speed!!!)


Try with different CD brand, as the speed selection depends on this.

Thanks for your answers but I tried and I can not go under 8 time.
One thing I do not understand why I can burn slower with I tune, no matter the Brand

I’m surprised you can do this with iTunes. No hardware combination drive/CD is done for this today.

Here a screenshot of I tune
i tune Shot.JPG

Modern CD-Rs are not optimised for writing at very slow speeds (except those made specifically for real-time recording), so recording too slow would probably make the matter worse again. If you have problems, the reason is almost certainly inadequate media. Virtually no media is consistently good, other than Taiyo Yuden (now known as JVC Advanced Media). Even names like Verbatim are not good enough these days.


I burned a 20 minute program at 1x in iTunes with a TSST and Taiyo 80, and it took 2 minutes, for what that’s worth. The speed selection does say “preferred” so it’s not necessarily what you’re going to get. You might just be better off burning at a reasonable rate and checking your discs with a disc checker.

btw, I never had much luck with the 2 TSST I’ve had. I’ve gotten much more reliable burns with a Pioneer. Only media I’ve ever used is Taiyo Yuden so I can’t vouch for anything else.

Thanks for all your answers,
I’ve found the CD R you talked about in Germany for a good price.
May be it solved my issue, I let you know
But something still strange, the CD I got trouble with, played perfectly at home.
So it s difficult to check wether a burned CD is ok or not

Ganax, I should have said the problem I had with the TSST’s was specifically concerning skipping, even with Taiyo Yuden, but as you say only in some players. Try it in a car player.

Also, if you have access to a non-TSST burner, you should definitely try that.

And Nero still has DiscSpeed if it’s any use to you for verification: (click the Nero DiscSpeed tab)
I can’t remember if I tried a DiscSpeed verification when I had the TSST skipping problems (ie Not sure if it will be of help in isolating that. Not sure anything can analyse to indicate a disc’s tendency to skip in “some players”).

In addition to exploring more reliable media (TY/JVC) as already suggested, perhaps you could also think about getting a drive and software … such as a Plextor Premium and PlexTools Professional … that will properly and reliably check disks for errors (C1, C2, CU) before you give them to the client.

Good luck with this.

Thanks for your all your inputs
I will invistigate further in order to know where is the problems, but I think I will have to change the drive, I use to have a plextor and it was really reliable
And all appologies to you PG, obviously it is not a wavelab issue