CD Burning


I’ve installed 8.5 on my new laptop.

I’ve opened a montage of my latest DJ mix and i’m trying to burn it onto CD. I’ve spent the last 2 hours trying to find out what to do because there’s nowhere to select a CD.

I get this message:

Current device is not physical. This is a software generator that produces ddp files

What can I do? What am i doing wrong?

I really would appreciate any help if possible please.

Thanks so much.

Did you get to this place:

HI Philippe

Yup, got to that place but there’s no option in the drop down menu. It just had DDP and nothing else.


Maybe this is an installation problem. I advise to download “Driver_Installer_x86_x64.exe”
from this page:

and run it, and reboot.

Thanks so much PG. Really appreciate it.