CD Burnout


I’m burning CD’s ok, but the text does not seem to come up on the burned CD. I tried
it on a GSA-4167B LG DVD/CD Burner and a Plextor PX-L890SA DVD/CD Burner. I’m doing the
Burn via the Montage and have the Enable CD-Text Burning Box checked on and have entered
text for each song here. As I understand this, some players will display this CD Text info [Title, songwriter,
etc.] and some people burn this info, some don’t .The Marker windows shows all the song title names. This is the the text I want to burn on my CD. Is there some DVD/CD Burners that will not burn text on the audio CD or am I missing
a setting?

thanks for any help

How do you know the CD Text is not burnt?

The CD text that has the songwriter, performance any other info I don’t except to show up, but the song titles [as shown between the markers] yes.

When I put it into my computer CD and open, the track #'s, not the song titles just show up in Itunes. If I select play from the CD icon (via right click menu), it says it does not have a program associated with this file type.

i.e. track1.cda, track2.cda, etc.

I found a fix;

I installed Winamp and it had a feature to submit new material and I did this and all the song titles came up. Itunes
looks up on it’s database for CD track titles but it did not have the feature of submitting new material to the database. How can I verify the CD text info [i.e. songwriter, performer, etc; I verified the marker text]?

What you see in iTunes has nothing to see with CD-Text.
Use CD grabbing to find CD-Text.

as PG recommend or try this script

regards S-EH


I do realize that CD text (with album, songwriter etc.) is different than the Cd track names within the markers.
I’m just not sure how to verify the CD text that I entered is actually on the CD. I’ll check out some CD Grabbers. Thanks for the info PG.
Thanks for the link S-EH, I think it’s only for MAC though.

For mp3’s -->Is it possible to include lyrics for each song in the mp3 file via the id3 tags?