CD drive/burner not recognized

I recently installed a new SSD in my Windows 7 Professional 64 bit Lenovo laptop computer, which has been running Wavelab, Wavelab 8.5.30/31 (32 bit and 64 bit) and Wavelab Pro 9.0.35 successfully for several years (I have not un-installed the earlier versions)

Now it is unable to detect the Plextor external CD burner (which is detected as usual in Windows Device Manager). When I try to create/burn a Basic Audio CD from either a file or an Audio Montage, the only “device” shown in the drop down menu is the DDP image…in any of the above named Wavelab products (Wavelab Pro 9 simply says ”No Device”).

How can I get (any of the above !!) Wavelab programs to recognize and utilize my CD drive/burner ?
This is a major problem as I need to create 30 CD’s for paying clients by tomorrow evening !

Steinberg Zero Downtime…is this some sort of Kafka-esque joke ?
I am now staring directly into my own product delivery completion downtime…. as a result of Stenberg non-functionality……

I advise to download “Driver_Installer_x86_x64.exe”
from this page:

and run it.

I have the same problem but I cannot install the driver GEARsoft .
The installation answers me error 3000 when checking by the testing software of GEARsoft; In addition, the driver does not appear in the device manager in the drives section.

No result: the driver does not want to install despite the creation of the folder; Compatibility issues with Nero 2016 ?

The latest result of my experiments to restore my Plextor CD writer was a
complete inability to restore it to working capacity…and when blank discs
(DVD or CD) were placed in the tray the amber flashing lights signified a failure
to auto adjust for focus and tracking of the laser, which seems pretty terminal
(the Plextor was built in April 2004, and has seen a heavy life !)

Replacing it with a Lite-On writer saw an immediate resumption of burning ability,
across all the Wavelab platforms…and additionally the ability to use PlexTools with it !
Oddly, Plextools failed to launch when I attempted to start it with the Plextor burner

DVD/CD drives seem to be a disposable item nowadays, with a diminishing MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)
so in my case replacement was the best option.

I’d like to thank all who contributed to this issue with advice and guidance, and hopefully
this thread will remain as a source of information for those who struggle with it in future.

Finally, for those who remain loyal to the Plextor brand, there is now a standalone utility which
provides the ability to flash to updated firmware (called ‘pxfw’) contained within a generally helpful
tool called QPxTool :
Apparently it will give you data like how many discs in total your CD drive has burned so far, as well
as total read and write hours ! It could be worth a further general Google search to see how valuable and reliable this
tool might be (or otherwise) ?