CD /DVD writing speed no lower than 16x

I’d like to burn CD’s like in “ancient” times at 1x speed. Now I can’t force writer to go lower than 16x.
Is this the case of Wavelab 10 or in the CD writer itself?

I would expect this would be the system/CD writer.

FWIW I can recall that a number of people conducted C1/BLUR Plextools Professional and Clover/Eclipse tests in the ‘transition period’ away from 1x burns … and found that in modern systems error counts were actually lower at ‘default’ CD writer speeds. It was certainly my experience where 24x burns on my old Windows 7 system yielded way low errors on TY blanks.

This would be easy to check yourself using if you still have a Plextor drive and Plextools Professional.

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the device has to support it
I’m not sure but a firmware update could change this…

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I believe you can (could?) get special blanks for writing at 1x, for live recording for instance. Normal modern blanks are designed for higher writing speeds to the detriment of lower speed performance.