Ok I’m at the end of my rope here and really need help. I have a Wavelab 6 24/48 montage with markers that have been rendered to a 16/441 montage with the markers transferred.

I burned a CD from the 16/441 montage in Wavelab and it went to duplication. They are getting some error that says security error. In my car the 7 track ep plays fine until it gets to the end of the 7th track and about 10 seconds before the song is over it skips to the next track.

I have tried many many remedies. Here’s everything I tried to fix. Each time the duplication house gets the same error and I get the same issue on track 7.

Different Brand CD’s.
Different burner.
Re-rendered file from original 48k montage.
New montage with 16/441 contiguous file and redid the cd tracks.
Installed Wavelab 7 on a different computer moved the 16/441 file. Redid montage with new cd indexes.

So I’m a total loss! Different brand cd’s. Different burners, different version of software, different computer. Re-rednered.

The only thing I can think of is that there is some issue in the original render that is causing some issue in the actual wav file. I literally don’t know what it could be though.

Please if you can any ideas. Please help. I have a very angry customer and I’m out of solutions.

I once received a wave file that no matter what I did, made the CD player jump…
The ONLY (I tried a lot of things like you) way it finally worked was to re-import the original file through analog.
Played back on another machine “as is” (no EQ processing etc,) and captured it realtime at 24/48.
Added it to the 24/48 montage, then, did everything from there as always… worked
I think it got corrupted when the Mix Eng. burned the data cd . He used cheap CDs and a fast burn speed 48x or something . .
The weird part is…How come it plays back fine? . . . . . . who knows :question:
I hope it works

Why don’t you send a DDP file set rather than CD, to the duplication facility?

The thing is the “problem” in song 7 is being transfered in the render. It will appear in the DDP.
When I had my problem I rendered a cue/wav in WL6 and burned with another program,… the problem was transfered.
The only way to “fix” the corrupted file was to re-capture it in analog.
All this had nothing to do with Wavelab, it happend in other apps.
Other than the tools we have in WL for audio analysis (which are A LOT), are there any utilities for checking the integrity of an audio file? (would that be a checksum?)
In this internet age, having the DDP checksum verify in WL7 is great. What can we do if we send individual wavs like singles etc?