cd info lost when rendering montage

When I use Wavelab for mastering with effects on clip / track/ master section in a montage destined for CD burning and files exports, my ideal workflow is to render all of it in a 24 bit montage first. This becomes the master from which I will dither to 16 bit to produce a DDP, burn a CDs, or export Wav 16bit and mp3, but also export 24 bit files for platforms that require it

Why render first ? Since I use some CPU intensive plugins, that means I do the treatment only once

The problem is that straight rendering will loose isrc codes, CD text. to keep them I do a CD image and Cue sheet and import it back into a Montage. Luckily this works in 24 bit, but why make it so complicated ? I can’t find a logical reason why rendering should loose all this info.

There is also a serious drawback of importing back the bin-cue image, I always strip cd-text of accented characters like éèù etc. My new montage lacks the accents in the clip titles, so in turn file exports done from there lack the accents as well
Mark Haliday

Yes, I agree it would be great to import all the markers, CD-Text/ISRC and non-audio data into an existing montage for situations like this.

One reverse way of doing this for now is to render your audio file(s) from the main montage, then do File>Import>Audio Montage Copy… and select your main montage.

By making a copy the montage that you rendered the files from, but choose “do not import clips”, you should be able to easily recreate your montage by simply adding back in the rendered audio file to the copy of the first montage. All the CD-Text/ISRC etc. should be there from the Audio Montage Copy…

Here’s a picture:
Audio Montage Copy.png

Interesting, thanks, I will investigate this method
Best regards