CD—> iOS app. How to??

Aloha guys,

With so many smart people that post here, I thought I 'd ask.
Of course I will hit the goog and see what else comes up
but I thought I’d ask here as well.

Just finished a project with a young band that asked me about doing this
and not having a clue myself I told them I would look into it.

1-I know this is possible.

2-Any one here actually done it (or knows someone who has)?

3-How expensive $$$ might this process be?

4-Where might I meet a programmer?
or is it worth me taking an iOS coding course?
translation:(will it be too hard for an old guy)?

5-And what about Blackberry/Windows Mobile Eight/ Android? etc

Any info on this to point me in a direction would be great.

Major Mahalo guys

I’m not really sure what you’re trying to do. Release an album as app?

Aloha S, and thanks for the response.

Exactly what they want to do.

According to them, others have already done this.
(that’s what I am looking into at this point).
Who/What/Where etc?

I know this is going on because several days ago I did hear
(on a podcast) that soon gaga will her release her ‘CD/App’.

I can imagine one way it can work would be;
As well as music, a ‘CD/App’ could have pics/vids/text/
gaming and social networking elements etc included.

Instead of ‘music on your (mobile) device’ it would be like
a software/virtual version of your (mobile) device inside yer music.
Inside your device… (Twilight Zone music here)

I’ll be checking this all out in the coming days and I If find some good
info, I’ll post back.

In the 80’s some bands started adding 'DJ’s playing turntables.
These days folks may start to consider adding a ‘coder’ to the band. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Aloha guys,

Well almost two years later it has happened.