CD Text and 'check CD conformity'

Hi …

I just finished a release which included a physical CD with CD Text.

I was supplied with a track list (text document). I copied and pasted the CD Text from the supplied track list into the WL CD Text dialogue.

Unknown to me, I had accidentally selected a ‘blank space/character’ after one of the track names when I did the copy from the supplied track list.

CD conformity checked OK.

I prepared the DDP.

As always, I checked the DDP with other software … in this case the Sonoris DDP Player. Straight away it warned me that the DDP contained characters that were not allowed and that it would insert ‘?’ where they were.

The ? appeared in the blank space after the track name.

My question is … how did this ‘error’ get past the CD conformity test? Or are there slightly different standards for CD Text conformity (I recall a couple of years back there were some errors being reported by Eclipse machines where the disk included CD Text).

I recommend to have this option checked:
This being said, I am not aware that a blank character after a sentence, is an error related to the standard. It could look like a user error, however.

Thanks PG …

I always have that option checked. I went back to ensure that it had not been unchecked by mistake but it was still checked as usual.

Yes, I agree: I had a look at the standard as well and a blank character does not look like it is ‘illegal’.

I am thinking the DDP Player has a similar ‘oversensitivity’ that the Eclipse had in a previous firmware version.

Anyway, thank you again for your prompt and professional reply.