CD text and Danish letters problem

I have a problem with cd text and the Danish letters . WL doesn’t understand them and writes a question mark instead.
I didn’t have the problem in WL 6.
Is there anything to do about it ?

WaveLab 9 is more strict about the character set: you have to use the ascii set, ie. no special character.
Else, some players may have some problem.

If you want to take the risk, you can try to uncheck the option in the CD-Text editor box that says “Restrict to ASCII”. As PG says, it could lead to display errors on some CD players and devices.

You’ll have to decide and maybe do some testing about what you prefer.

Thank’s Justin - this works :slight_smile:
Will the CD play regardless of the cd-text and will a possible display error only affect titles with Danish letters ?

No problem. I’ve had a few clients request that I ignore ASCII knowing that there could be issues on certain players. I always give them fair warning.

PG would know best but I think it’s safe to assume the audio will be OK no matter what.

Same for the titles, I think only the unsupported characters may appear strange but again, it can vary from device to device.

Here is a serious question I have been meaning to ask though. Is an actual question mark compatible with the ASCII restriction in WaveLab, or is WaveLab turning the original question mark into an error question mark?

I remember one time I had the request to make the error question mark be RED so that it’s easy to see.

Is an actual question mark compatible with the ASCII restriction in WaveLab

A question mark is an ascii compatible character. The non-compatible characters are replaced by WaveLab with that mark, to both draw the attention, and make the text compatible.