CD Text and ISRC copy from one montage to another

after having entered all CD text, metadata, ISRC codes etc. into a montage i then have rendered that montage to apply final dithering to 16b.
however, the newly created montage does NOT retain the CD-Text info etc.
i would have to enter all the details again in the new montage.
is there a way to copy the CD-Text data and ISRC codes over from the previous montage to the newly created. they are identical in every way only the bit resolution has changed.


Did you check the option “Create CD Image and Cue Sheet” ?

no, i didn’t!
i just choose to render to a new montage from the existing montage while dithering to 16bit.
does that have a bearing on the copying the cd text and ISRC over when creating a new montage?

The Cue Sheet is used to import the Metadata, when reimporting the montage.

Right. Even though you don’t need the cue sheet, WaveLab uses it to transfer the CD-Text info from your source montage to the newly rendered montage. I do this many times daily.