CD Text and ISRC copy from one montage to another

Hi S-EH.
That is reassuring. I’ve been happy so far with the final results and quality of sound in WaveLab. I am keen to make the most of the possibilities available within WaveLab.
Mark (themill)

just to clarify:
if i want to create from :
montage containing single tracks/clips that includes Meta data/CD-Text info

a new, modified montage that does have again single clip files as the result (NOT a single audio file)

there is no way to have the meta data transferred into the new montage.
to achieve this i would need to create a target montage that has 1 single audio file, divided by copied markers/track points and cue info.

is this correct?


Using WaveLab 11 ? Normally this should work out of the box with WaveLab 11.

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yes, latest WL11 Pro. here some pics of the settings and results:
here the source montage with CD-Text data entered and single clips:

as a result i want a nerw montage that has single files per track and carries over the CD-Text for each of those tracks. i do NOT have the option to create a cue list. here the settings:

as a result i do get a new montage containing single files/clips, but the CD-Text data is lost:

i can only get the CD-Text across when i choose to render the Whole Montage, but then i do have one continuous file divided into tracks by markers.

but thats not what i want.

does that make sense?


I see what you mean now. But the CD Text re-import is only possible when you use the “Whole montage” render. With the way you do, several audio files are created but these audio files don’t contain CD Text.
In theory, what you ask for would be possible, but currently, this is not.

thanks. i think it would be a useful addition to WL functionality.