cd text as file name

Is it possible, when you’ve made a montage with CD-text and everything, that you export/render these files to filenames with the cdtext info as filename.
So basically, i made a montage with mastered tracks with filenames like ‘01 track1 v2.2.wav 02 track v3.1 final.wav’ but with cd-text ‘bandname - song number one, bandname - song number two’ so that i get wav files named: bandname - song number one.wav bandname - song number two.wav
It would even be better if it could also encode to mp3’s (AAC’s as well please!) with the CDtext info as mp3tag info.

I don’t think that’s possible is it? If so… how? This will save a lot of time…

I don’t believe this is possible yet, but do remember the request for it showing up here before, and PG considering it for a next version.

OK, thanks… PG? is this true or is there a workaround or any other news concerning this?

Yes, I plan stuff like this.

FYI: Sonoris ddp creator pro can do this all…

Yes, I would also love a way to determine the rendered audio file name without having to rename all the markers. Once I have everything entered correctly and CD track markers placed, I always have to go and and 01 02 03 etc. before each song name so that when it renders, the songs stay in order for uploading to clients.

As more people move away from CD pressing, I think this will be important. A way to implement meta-data for iTunes etc. would be great to be able to do from this stage too, having to do it in the edit screen can be too time consuming if you’re doing a few projects per day, and I haven’t had the best luck getting iTunes to even see that meta-data. It could pull the artist name/album name and song title from the CD-Text and add an 01 02 (referring to the track numbers) when rendering to WAV or mp3 etc.

Thanks for the consideration.

I always have to go and and 01 02 03 etc

I agree with you, but with the batch Marker Renaming-Tool this is done very fast.

Just my (very complicated) way for the task mentioned earlier:

When the Montage is finished, I render a single CD- image with Cuesheet. This Cuesheet contains all the CD-Text Infos.
Be sure you have checked ‘write audio filenames without path’ in the Audio-Montage Preferences (Strg+P)!

Now I open this with foobar. The ‘Metadata’ of the Cuesheet determines the single filenames. I now can export those files with the various Naming-Schemes foobar is giving me…

I deeply hope I wasn’t too confusing :smiley:

well… i simply bought sonoris ddp Creator pro, it does it all at the click of a button…

I wrote a topic about a year ago about this. And i am still waiting for this feature on every update there is. I produce a monthly CD with about 40 tracks, and i have to edit the MP3 tags by hand. This drives me crazy. Please consider this in your next update. Try this

For only € 250.-… Or wait a bit longer for the options to be integrated in WL for a regular update price. Another option is to get a regular file renamer or tag editor. Easy CD-DA Extractor is a very versatile tool in this respect - for € 25.-.

Only 100 euro te be exact since i already had ddp creator.
For me it was also worth the price since it saves me a LOT of time and i earned it back within 2 weeks maybe.
Sorry to say but concerning DDP i trust ddp creator quite a lot more than wl7. I always export as ddp in wl7 and then import again in ddp creator to make the final ddp and pq sheet. Feels more save.

The workaround would be:

  • Create a CD Report from the CD text with minimal additional info (=no picture, no header, check the first 3 boxes in the CD Report window) and open as HTML.
  • copy all and paste data in excel
  • filter for all lines containing “artist” or “title” (not sure which words are used in the english CD report, in German it is “Titel” & “Künstler”) and copy/paste 2 columns to new sheet
  • search and delete the words "title " and "artist " and connect the two remaining columns to a single one by using the correct excel formula. Then save as txt-file.
  • with the help of the batch file renamer you can now rename the wav files using the txt-list and also put the correct numbers to every wav file.

A bit tricky but definitely faster then typing. The excel processes can maybe also recorded to one makro once and for future procedures the makro does all with one click.
Of course only a workaround and I also think PG could make life a bit easier here.

BTW: Once you have renamed your wav files with e.g. bandname and title you could use something like the mastagger function in foobar to automatically tag any mp3s made from these wav files (use the option “guess value from filename”).

Thanks for thinking with me but as you might have seen, i found a way more simple and better approach which does it all and more at the click of a button.