CD-Text dialogue box behavior

It seem to me that in Wavelab 7, when you open the CD-Text editor box, it would always start at the “name for the disk itself”, which I would consider a great starting point when opening this window.

Now in Wavelab 8, when I open the CD-Text editor box to make some changes, it seems to start in a random place (sometimes track 5, sometimes track 8 for example). It seems to have no relation to any selected clips or the cursor.

Is there a way we can make the the CD-Text editor box always open by default to the disk itself view?

The CD Text editor is meant to open on the highlighted CD track… but there is a bug: it opens at the track before the highlighted one. I will correct this.

Thanks, that would make a little more sense. How are things looking for 8.0.3? Weeks? Months? 2014?

Since there is no critical issue, I could imagine after the summer.