cd text - different formats?

The cd-player in my car (no connection to the internet) reads the cd-text of officialy bought cds (some, not all) but not the text of a cd I burned with wavelab 7.2.1.

On the other hand the windows media player cd-text plugin can read the text from the cd I burned with wavelab. (this is for sure, since cd I’m burning wasn’t released yet and therefore does not exist in cddb).

Are there different formats of cd-text? Maybe an older one, that my car-cd-player can read, and a newer one, it can’t read?
Is it a question of where the cd-text is stored on the cd?
According to Wikipedia it maybe written into the TOC-file or into into the subchannels R to W of the cd.
The latter one is not compatible with the red book standard says Wikipedia.

Where does Wavelab write the cd-text? Into the red-book-compatible TOC-file or into the subchannels? Is that of any importance at all? I’m not an expert in these questions. I’m just trying to figure out, why the cd-text I burn, can’t be read by a cd-player that obviously is able to read cd-text.


Have had issues with this too. Eagerly interested.

Can’t really help you, but I want to mention that the whole business of CD Text was an afterthought of the CD spec that came quite a bit later than when the original ‘red book’ standard was released. CD indexing (which is part of the original spec) isn’t recoginzed by many (read: most) players. So my guess is that the CD Text implementation is either not as strictly defined in the red book or not every player supports it in the same way, because it’s a grey area.


Good question though - where does WL write the text?