CD text import from excell sheet

Future update request:

It would be nice to have the option of importing CD text and ISRC codes from a pre-defined standard excell sheet in the montage.
Would save quite a lot of time copy/pasting and the customer can do the work himself, i just have to import the excell and done.
Now i’m copy/pasting from an excell sheet ( which is OK but importing would make my live so much easier. :sunglasses:

I second that motion. Would be quite nice to have, and save time indeed!

Luck, Arjan

Where this standard comes from?

There is no standard yet but i think it’s not that hard to make a standard excell sheet or other sort of form that could be opened/edited by anyone on mac and pc that can be used. Just like a csv file for let’s say importing/exporting contacts in outlook/gmail etc.
Is that an idea?

OK, I note the idea “import from CSV”

Now go out and enjoy the weekend :slight_smile:

This would be very useful, especially given that Nuendo (and probably Cubase, but I am not sure) can export marker tracks as CSV files.