CD text in Montage

I have a Montage workspace but in the CD window, the CD tracks disappeared…
Now I cannot edit the CD text for the songs, only for the album title.
What have I done wrong?

Thanks a lot!

Is this in full WL? And do you still have all CD markers in the montage?

I have a licensed wavelab 8. Yes, all clips still have their markers in the montage.
When I open a new or an ecxisting montage, all is normal. I only lost the cd track list for this one.
Also, it won’t let me burn to CD-R.
Thanks a lot!

More info is needed. Maybe show some screenshot.

One picture is of a normal montage with the list on the upper right corner,
And the other one is the “damaged” montage with no track list.

No cd tracks - no cd text

Ok, I think I got it…
I’ve selected the whole montage and used the Auto Split option. Then I only had to delete some unwanted markers and the track list came back to life with most of its CD text info(!)

Thank you everyone for the help.

Strange… but the result counts!