CD-Text Issue Just Started


I’m masting a single track and have been burning CDs of different versions to listen in my truck. Everything has been fine except for last night. I just started getting an error as soon as I try to burn a CD that there is a problem with the CD-Text. That the track and album title are mandatory (or some similar phrasing).

I entered the CD-Text just like all the other times, but now it’s throwing this error. I ruled out it being the CD media because the error comes up before the burn process even starts.

I looked in the WL help and didn’t find anything relevant.

Does anyone know what might be going on here?

That’s odd. Be sure to enter an album title and artist on the first screen, then use the gadget on the right side to copy them to all remaining tracks at once. Apologies if you’ve already tried this - just didn’t want to ignore the obvious… for whatever reason WL doesn’t allow you to turn on CD Text without filling in something for album title, artist, and song title for all tracks (I think everything else is optional).

If you’ve got it all, it’s a bug or configuration issue that I’m sure PG can help you more with than I. :wink:

Can you clarify where you access it? Is it just the CD-text accessed from the CD marker area or is it from the metadata area? I’ve been just filling it out in the CD-Text area only.

Something must be missing. Send me your montage in PM (without audio files), and I will tell you.

AH, I figured it out. I don’t know how I got away without adding an album name in the past when I burned CDs, but all I did was add the album name and it worked.