CD Text problem with apostrophe

This is an odd problem. I assembled a master (Wavelab 7-full version) and added CD Text. One of the tracks had a word in the title with an apostrophe ( ’ ) (ie: don’t, you’re). I always make a DDP image and burn masters from that. I then check the text on the CD master by opening it in Windows Media Player. When I did this, the apostrophe showed up as a question mark (?). The client checked it on theirs also and the same thing happened. I made a new DDP image and it did the same thing. I then burned the master right from the montage and it worked fine; the text showed the apostrophe. So I do have a work around, but I’d much prefer burning from the DDP image.
FYI: I received a call from a CD manufacturing client in town here. I had sent them a master using Wavelab 7 and burning from a DDP image (different project; no apostrophes). They always put the master through on error checking program before duplicating. They told me that the master’s error results came back as 100% error free. They also said that this is the first master that has ever given this result. Congratulations on this product. This is why I prefer to burn from the DDP image.
Albert MacDonald
EDI Productions

I think the explanation is this one: you use a non-ascii quotation mark, which CD-Text needs ascii characters only, no unicode (Japanese is another case). You certainly use the curly symbol ’ and not the straight symbol ’
See this:

I tested it to confirm the above.

I have had the same problem but only when copying directly from other text like emails etc. when that happens I just make sure I type in that word that has the apostrophe and it’s all good.

Jeff, you nailed it. I have been testing this out for the last week or so and I have been using the DDP successfully. I didn’t even clue into the reason why it was working; just chalked it up to an anomoly that I could only duplicate with this project. Unlike this ‘problem’ CD, I normally type in the text, but this was a Ukrainian CD, so I copied and pasted the text from a document for accuracy. Interestly though, the apostrophe was fine if I burned from the montage; it only became a question mark if I used the DDP. I’m guessing the DDP using the ascii characters and the montage does not. This is great.
Thanks so much for your help.