cd-text to mp3 tags

if you import audio from a CD in iTunes on a Mac (via a little script) it can read the CD text and then tags each track accordingly.(not from Gracenote!, we are pre-release here!)
as the last stage of mastering i usually end up with a DDP image that i can open in WL8 as a montage that contains all meta data and CD text.
i’m trying to find an easy fast way to extract each track separately from the DDP into discrete mp3 files that contain the tag information(track name/artist/album) according to the CD text info and ISRC info.
in the “render > region=CD track” dialog, the “inherit meta data” function does not seem to achieve that.
how can it be done?

  1. Import the DDP into an Audio Montage
  2. From the Render Dialog, you can render each CD track as a separate mp3 file (all in one operation)
  3. For the meta-data, you have to prepare the montage to use CD Text as meta-data, eg.:
    As there are many possibilities, please read the documentation about meta-data.

hi PG. Thanks, very helpful! however only partial success:
i made a test montage to see what gets across to where:
this is the CD text content:
CD text.png
these are the settings for the ID3v1 and v2:
the render dialog:
oops… seems i can only upload 3 pics…
i continue in a new reply

the render dialog:
render dialog.png
and the results in VLC player:
file tag info VLC.png
and in Tag&rename mp3 tag editor:
file tag info tag&rename.png
as you can see the actual track title is not in the tag info.

please comment.

In your picture Id3v2, the title field is empty:

yes, that happens when i set under ID3v1: title=@CDTextTrackTitle@, the entry in ID3v2 TIT2 gets emptied. I had it set previously to the same target.(TIT2=@CDTextTrackTitkle@).
either setting fails to import the Track title into mp3 tag.
apparently same target can not be selected in both, ID3v1 and ID3v2.

This is the metadata preset file I use for transferring all applicable CD-Text to mp3 file when rendering:

hi Jperkinski.
thanks for that dat file. it works, although it still took a while to find out that the new created file name is actually not derived from the ID3.2 settings but from the CD track title in the montage.
also the ID3v1 seems to have no influence on the mp3 tag.
would be great to have a list where parameters and where they land in the results file would be available.
well, got it working now.


I agree that the metadata workflow, although very powerful, is a little confusing. It seems that the user sees too much of the behind the scenes programming work and it’s not extremely clear what will transfer over. PG and a few others helped me dial in these settings and they seem to work for my needs. At the end of that day, it does what it needs but seems a little complex for somebody without programming experience.

I admit to not knowing all the reasons why it all works but all files I output and deliver have the fields populated with the info that I would like.

It’s true it can request some time to grasp The problem is that there are several meta-data formats and many possible combinations and user demands, hence the flexible approach implemented in WaveLab.