CD Text / UTF-8


I have a question about the CD Text where I’m not sure if it’s my fault:

My workflow for a DDP I regularly create:

I get the Track names as file (text withe Special characters aka Spanish :slight_smile:

I use the File names for CD-text AND MP3 ID Tags. I therefore learnt, that i have to use UTF-8 for the special characters to show correctly in the MP3. So I import them from a converted UTF-8 Text File.
Now in WL9 the Names don’t show correctly in the CD Text. To be precise: In the Text Field for CD Text it’s wrong.
In the header it’s not. In WL8 everything is fine. (See Attachement)

Any idea ?



I have to add; I import the filenames via the Batch Rename Marker - get from line x from textfile.
There is where the change took place between WL8 and 9:

In wavelab 8 there is no problem importing the names. WL9 then shows them correct.
Importing with WL9, they show up wrong in WL9 & 8
WL9.tiff (55.1 KB)

The CD-Text standard is not compatible with UTF-8. You have to use pure ascii.

Thanks Phlippe,

Everyday there is something new to learn.

Perhaps for reference if someone else stumbles across this problem (i guess not to often)

I used UTF-8 because the name is used as CD Text, Filename and ID3 Tag for Mp3-Files, where I read, that UTF-8 is a good idea. WL 8 showed no sign, that this is wrong.

So I learned that CD-text uses the ISO 8859-1 Standard ( which is related to Windows-1252 Western European ( where I also have no problem with ID3 Tags and Special character ( Spanish in this case, or the German Umlaute) .

As the client wishes to have those in the CD Text, this is the best way.