CD Track markers automated

Is there a way to assign a batch of CD-Track markers “in a row” to a larger audio file (e.g. 60 min) in Audio File Workspace?

I think of setting in one step for example CD-Track markers every 5 minutes instead of dropping and adjusting them individually.

This could help me to have equidistant markers (= tracks of equal length) for a one-file CD.

Thank you for your input


You can use the Auto Split tool for this…

Thank you Philippe, for that fantastic hint!
It just does in a few keystrokes what I need.

I must agree, that I never had used this tool before, neither was I aware of its existence :blush:

+1 Reason for a good Manual :wink:



Open WaveLab Help > search on “Auto Split”
or open Tools > Auto Split dialog click on “Help”

regards S-EH

manual still required to discover features you don’t already know about. hard to search for “auto split” if you’ve no idea it exists!


you ate totally right!

My point was not to use “Auto Split”, but to know that this would be the tool for doing what I asked for.
So after knowing this, it was very easy to work with, since it is quite intuitive.
I hadn’t need for “Help” at this point.

Having had a good Manual maybe I had found out myself :question: