CD Track render issue

Hi …

Occasionally, I need to render Individual CD tracks from a 16 bit 44.1 kHz montage.

I have noticed that when you change the track name for the CD track to be rendered, then you select the next track to render, the name does not automatically change to the next marker name as it should.

Example: Select track 01 … its marker name automatically appears in the dialogue. Render that. Select track 2 and change the name of the file to be rendered (add 02 in front of it for example). Render that. Then select track 3: the name of the tack to be rendered remains the same as the previous track. It no longer changes to the new track’s marker name automatically.

In this situation, if you return to the dialogue and momentarily switch back to “render whole montage” … and then toggle back to “CD Track” … it then works correctly again.

This is not a big issue of course. Except that it can introduce the chance of accidentally rendering a track with the wrong name if you are working under pressure. As I say, I don’t use this function often so there is a chance it might be operator error. It might also be my system (Windoze 10 professional with current updates installed).

FWIW, for the way I typically work, this is pretty much the only issue I have come across in the current WL version. WL rocks.


Rat, I couldn’t reproduce this except intermittently in 9.1, but I wondered, are you using render “Selected CD Track” or “Specific Region”? They both render a CD track and pass the name to the editable filename box. Does it make a difference rendering with the Master Section render button vs. the ribbon Render tab? I couldn’t get anything consistent here, but it did happen a few times in 9.1. Win 10.

I didn’t mention. I couldn’t get it to happen in 9.5.20 or 9.5.25 at all.

I got the problem to happen in 9.5.25.

I can only get it to happen when the ribbon is collapsed and you directly select the Render tab on the ribbon. Then the file names will be wrong even though you change the cd track selection.

But if you select the little down arrow on the right side of the blue ribbon first (to expand the ribbon) and then select the Render tab, the problem doesn’t happen.

Maybe there are other ways to make it happen, but that’s one way.

Thanks so much for taking the time to look at this bob99 … appreciated. I tried it again and, like you, found that it’s not a consistent behavior in the current version of WL. Interesting.

You’re welcome. I’m glad you brought it up because it pointed out an issue with my dual-mono files.