CD tracks in Wavelab Elements

While I’ve worked with audio recording/editing a couple decades, I’ve been mostly doing audio restoration/making CD’s now. After transferring a recording from audio cassette or reel-to-reel, I use Adobe Audition, ProTools, Izotope for most editing, then CD Architect to create tracks and burn. I’ve not been happy with CD Architect lately, and bought WaveLab Elements 8. As others have mentioned, there’s a steep learning curve and I’m part-way up.

Questions: My goal is to produce a CD with tracks from a complete single file, maybe 50 min long. I have tried to insert markers in the main file editing section and the montage section. Neither produce tracks on a CD. I can see a list of the markers I’ve added and see white triangles, but not the red double triangle markers I’ve seen in tutorial videos. The only marker types I see are ‘generic’, ‘loop’, and ‘region’. Is in NOT possible to create regular track markers in the Elements version?

So, my questions is simply, how/where/when do I create markers that will produce tracks on a CD?

In WaveLab Elements, markers are not used to create CD track (unlike in WaveLab).
Simply: a clip is a CD Track. Hence split to as many clips as you want CD tracks.

:confused: :slight_smile: Hi Folks,

I just got my copy of Wavelab Elements 8 yesterday. Now, I haven’t got going too much on the manual, but I have got as far as all the setups and into my first project which is to convert an lp to digital via spdif. I have successfully got to the point of editing pops etc. and dividing the tunes (tracks) and giving them titles. At this point, so far, I cannot find an intuitive way of splitting the tunes (tracks) and saving as separate wav files.

Ok so you’ll probably tell me to read the manual. That’s fine, but please could you direct me to the chapter that describes what I’m after, because I have been speed reading the manual (pdf on the computer-getting a sore neck-wish I had a hard copy) and haven’t found the bit I’m looking for yet. I suspect there is some new terminology involved which I have missed.

My previous experience with Wavelab was the very first version and It was relatively easy to name the tracks & then save the whole batch automatically as separate tunes (Tracks).

Many thanks in anticipation for any assistance. If I can get over this ‘hump’ I can forge ahead with the rest of the learning curve without bothering anyone.



You should use the montage of Wavelab and put the recorded file there. Then you don’t have to split it, just create clips. And as PG said above, in WL Elements a clip is a CD-track, and you could render to individual tracks as well from the montage, leaving the original file intact.

Thanks Arjan P

I think I got that. I can see it’s very different from what I have been used to. More for my 60 year old brain to assimilate. lol. I’ll get there.

Thanks a lot