CD Window in Audiomontage and CD-Report playtimes

Is it possible to display the playtimes (lengths) of the tracks as they are in the “real world”?
The record company expects playtimes of the tracks like 03:43 or 02:42 and does not want
any CD-frames or milliseconds.

It would be cool, to also display the “simple” lengths in the CD-Report.

Check this:

Thank you, Philippe!

What is the best size for the header image in the CD-Report?
Any picture I choose, gets scaled up to the whole width of the page.
Is there an option to keep the original size?


What output format do you choose? I can’t reproduce a scaling of the picture here.

Its PDF. It scales big also when I chose Print.

Macbook Pro Retina, OS 10.8.4

What is the picture file format? I use .png for my test. Try the same.

it is .png