CD Wizards and Red Book standard

I have a question regarding the CD Wizard in WaveLap Pro.

If I’m not mistaken, the Red Book standard requires a 2 second pause before the first track. There is a setting “No Not Change First Pause”. However, this is nested under “Adjust Pauses before Tracks”. I don’t want this, as it messes up the pauses I’ve set up in the Montage window. And I definitely don’t want any pauses between tracks that should seq together.

Furthermore, When I click on Apply the first pause is 00:00:00:00. Not 00:00:02:00. How do I make sure that the Red Book required pause of 2 seconds, is there?

Also, when I check the CD Conformity, it passes as valid. Does this mean that the Red Book required 2 second pause is still there (but hidden), even when the First Pause is listed as 00:00:00:00?

This is all basically handled automatically when you make a CD or DDP. My first track marker is always at 0:00. When I render WAVs and mp3s, that’s simple. When I render a DDP, that 2 second pregap is added.

In other words, just don’t worry about it.

Also, with the attached CD Wizard settings, nothing will move, it will simply add the track markers:

Thanx Justin P

I’ve come to the same conclusion, with the exception of the naming.