CdTextTitle not appearing in MetaData for Album

Despite it being entered correctly in WaveLab 11.0.0 Pro as @CdTextTitle@ is not being propagated to wav renders into the Album field for both versions of ID3 metadata. It’s a bug for sure, help! Neither appears in Win10 desktop properties inspector nor Audition apparently. I even manually hacked in the correct value as text… still nothing.
Any suggestion of a good MetaData inspector? I am not seeing track numbers or anything in WAV metadata. Most important ISRC codes?!

Not all kinds of WAV files are able to store meta data

Was it working for you this way in WaveLab 10?

I do a lot of WAV file metadata embedding and haven’t had an issue in 10 or 11 so it makes me wonder what your render settings are, and what you’re using to view the metadata. Few apps can display WAV file metadata, compared to mp3.

For Mac, I like this one to double check things:

Didn’t you rather want to use @CdTextTrackTitle@

I used ExifTool to look inside the file and it’s put data there.
It is of course the album name that’s not showing on Win10 properties and that is CdTextTitle the track names is working fine.
I have also tried BWF format as well. It shows absolutely nothing aka less info in it’s properties inspector.
I can see it with (and feeling humble about saying this) Audacity. [Probably better in CLI ExifTools] Anyway It’s that windows completely sucks in this regard. Maybe if their properties window allowed editing? probably overwrite everything else if it did. My best guess is Windows needs all capitals in the Field labels (eg ALBUM)?
Okay it seems MP3TAG actually works with the WAVs which was not my expectation because of the name. shows as ID3v2.3 (ID3v2.3 RIFF) [Audacity has been purged now]. MP3TAG functions more like Meta I think in that you can open the folder and see all at once in a spreadsheet format. Genre is blank though, and Exif does not show that.
Anyway just opening the folder on MP3Tag automatically fixes all the Windows Tags so they appear in the properties inspector somehow (Genre, Year, track # is number without #/Total, copyright, and Album of course). WaveLab developers should look into this.
Well since MP3TAG doesn’t save it still doesn’t show in Audition, so it must update a local database. I’ll look at the file on another system after closing MP3Tag.
Audition shows the Album in “Product” of RIFF section, and XMP there as Product but IPRD technically speaking.

I even added ISRC to MP3TAG via Custom New Column Value=$meta_sep(ISRC,\) and Field=%ISRC%

I copied the file via USB stick to a Win8 computer and so it seems MP3TAG had repaired all the Properties values.

The other problem is Composer shows in exiftools as “Lyricist”.

You have to apply the changes to your files explicitly…

I use Mediainfo and mp3tag to change or check metadata…

So I figured out how to avoid touching the file with MP3TAG by getting the metadata sorted. Like I discovered above with the RIFF data for Album being ‘Product’.
Only problem remaining not so critical but annoying none the less is when checking it in Adobe’s Audition program the Album field under ID3 remains blank if I edit it manually there and resave it it gets stored into an XMP xml structure as


So even though it will write it in via ‘Audition’, I failed so far to get the AXMP maybe? right for this. [Obviously I put the wishful thinking @Variable@ but it’s hardcoded into the file]
I was unable to reproduce this with various setting in WaveLab Pro 11

Here is my current attempts and resolving MetaData

Name: @CdTextTrackTitle@
Subject: @CdTextTitle@ ~ @CdTextTrackPerformer@
Copyright: @ThisYear@
Genre: %Genre%
Artist: @CdTextTrackPerformer@
Originator software: @WaveLabAndVersion@
Date: @Date12@
Comments: @CdTextTrackMessage@
Track Number: @TrackIndex@
Track Total: @NumCdTracks@
Product: @CdTextTitle@
Source: @ISRC@
Originator reference (USID): BlaBlaBlaYourUSIDHere202110150000123
Origination Date / Time: 2021-09-18 07:26:13
Time Reference: 0 s
<ebucore:ebuCoreMain xmlns:dc="" 
        <ebucore:identifier typeLabel="GUID" typeDefinition="Globally Unique Identifier" 
        formatLabel="ISRC" formatDefinition="International Standard Recording Code" 
Title: @CdTextTrackTitle@
Artist: @CdTextTrackPerformer@
Start date: 2013-02-17
Start time: 00:00:00
End date: 2099-12-31
End time: 23:59:59
Application ID: @WaveLab@
Application version: @WaveLabVersion@
Free text: @CdTextTrackMessage@
Title: @CdTextTrackTitle@
Album: @CdTextTitle@
Artist: @CdTextTrackPerformer@
Year: 2021
Comment: @CdTextTrackMessage@
Genre: Pop/Funk
Title: @CdTextTrackTitle@
Subtitle: @CdTextTitle@ ~ @CdTextTrackPerformer@
Album: @CdTextTitle@
Composer: @CdTextTrackComposer@
Genre: @AlbumGenre@
Lead performer: @CdTextTrackPerformer@
Band/Orchestra: @CdTextTrackPerformer@
Text writer: @CdTextTrackSongWriter@
Year: @ThisYear@
Track number: @TrackIndex0X@/@NumCdTracks@
Content description: @CdTextTrackMessage@
Involved people: @CdTextTrackComposer@
Date: @Date12@
Copyright: @ThisYear@
Comments: @CdTextTrackMessage@
Publisher: JustYou Publishing
Software and settings used for encoding: @WaveLabAndVersion@

All the first INFO RIFF stuff for Track Number Track Total and the insidious Album as Product which goes in various places. Is what’s missing and needed to see it in the Properties inspector of Windows. A good measure to further assure that data is being seen anywhere someone might try to find it.
The ISRC in Source is another odd attempt. Like I did for Subject. I am sure I will find a few more improvements but at least this shows it can be done without resorting to MP3TAG which is a nice thing it does. Even thought it really shouldn’t modify the file without permission to save those changes.

Thanks MediaInfo is an excellent tool for viewing and extracting all kinds of MetaData for various possibilities. JSON for JavaScript is noteworthy. I checked it over and currently I see no problems with my fixed metadata setup posted above/below.