CE4 and SE 3 license removed by Elements 9 Upgrade

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Since I upgraded my USB elicenser to Elements 9, Cubase Essential 4 and SE 3 don’t work any longer (no license found)… Contacted support 15 days ago, but no answer yet… (and yes, I still want to use CE4) (Elements 8 works with my CE9 license, though)

And you CE 4 and SE 3 are on the same machine as your Elements 9?

Yes, though Essential 4 is higher on my priority list than SE3.
(Win 7 64bit. )

Update 9th_feb_2017: Problem solved, got an answer from the support team :slight_smile:

Would be grateful if you or Support could post the solution to this as I am having the same problem trying to run SE3 on an Elements 9 license. Many thanks!