CE5 and EZDrummer

took it out of record mode and soloed the instrument channel. no go.

Screenshot of the setup now? Full EZ, not demo, right? Have you tried realtime export?

Well, let´s see…
You are talking about a MIDI track and an empty audio track.
Your screenshot shows a MIDI track with no MIDI event on it, an instance of EZDrummer in the rack. It shows no audio track at all, and it shows a soloed instrument track also with an instance of EZDrummer in it, and with something like MIDI data on it.
You surely know, the highlited Instrument track will not trigger the EZDrummer instance loaded in the rack…’?
So if you indeed export the EZDrummer Instrument channel (from the rack loaded instance) instead of the instrument track´s output, it will of course be silent. My guess is, you should maybe start to read the fine manual especially about the differences on Instrument tracks, instrument channels, the instrument rack and MIDI outputs

thanks for the suggestions guys, but i found out how to do it. i take a voxengo record plugin, insert it into the instrument track, record the ezdrummer song with the plugin, then export the file as wav.