Cee-Lo Greens hit song 'F....You'

I’m NOT asking for clarification, mind you, just pointing out that I have NO idea what 2 of those 3 abbreviations are for … hope I don’t offend anyone by using them out of ignorance!

Reminds me of the time I went out to a pub in England with some friends who lived there. I somehow gave the reverse two-fingered salute (which has no meaning on this side of the pond) to the wrong person, and my friends were forced to do some fast talking to ward off what looked like was going to develop into considerable mayhem!

I heard that song a few times and I REALLY appreciate that a person who does not fit the norm ‘pretty boy’ look was able to dominate the charts of that music genre for awhile.

I must COMPLETELE DISAGREE with you when you, MR CURTEYE, crossed the line !
You can mention all the “isms” you want but please… for the love of God . . . leave Klingons out of this.

They never did anything to hurt you ! :laughing:

I dunno. I could imagine they get very painful when they dry out :wink:

Even more impressive when you consider he was part of the duo who created the immortal “Crazy” a few years back. That’s two iconic songs – quite rare these days


Art is supposed to be beyond good and evil. I guess a sexy MF like Cee Lo ought to know that.

Beauty or else it´s in the eye of the beholder.
BTW, it never crossed my mind that Cee-lo was being distateful, like Craig Anderton is EG (and most funny men nowadays), The word conveys an emotion rather well, it´s tongue in cheek without impertinent use of cursing just to prove: “I´m not a sell out” BS type of thing.

on “you tube” search for Cee Lo Sign language Performance
the performer’s name is Anna

Is it just me, or does she appear to be preparing to play the skin flute? :laughing: :open_mouth: :slight_smile: :mrgreen:

Definitely, she´s preparing to blow the flute. :wink:
Tiziano, 500 years ago.

The pile of fat babies on the right is a bit sinister.

"The Three Ages of Man". That,s the name of the painting. Childhood, adulthood and oldage.
Sinister it´s the falic three log a child is hugging, but then it can have other meanings i miss.
But then as Freud once said: “Sometimes a cigar it is just a cigar”. :confused:

That guy’s got length to spare but unfortunately no girth :laughing:

given it’s egressing from his belly button perhaps it’s an umbilical cord :slight_smile:

Did I mention that I love this song? :sunglasses:

Once someone said to Phil Spector that is songs were all “love you” and not much else, Then Phil said: You´re right, that´s it plus the melody.

Wall of sound. wall of hair :slight_smile:

River deep, hair high.

hehe :slight_smile:

Cee-Lo would probably not like the use of the word fat. I believe he would agree with me in saying the babies are just “big bone’ded” :laughing:

Well, Bill and Monica might disagree…