Cello/Bass in octaves

I’d like to score the cello and bass on one stave. How do I do this and have the sound play in octaves?

Your best bet is probably to make a staff for each. You can label the top one “Cello/Bass” and hide the bass staff from the full score. (Assuming they’re doubling at the octave the entire time)

PS: once you’ve entered all the notes in the cello part, select all and copy to the bass. Then hide.

Dan, if you hide (deselect) one staff from the flow, how can it playback?

Well, I was thinking for audio export. If it’s in octaves, I don’t see that playback for editing purposes is crucial. Export audio from the complete score.

You’re right dankreider. It’s not important for playback purposes. I use notation programs only for notation. However, when I listen, I’d like to have the bass to be sure I put it in there in the first place. I’d probably will have the playback as a bass instead of a cello.

You could always add a Bass player for playback (and copy the cello notes there with octave correction if needed) and create a separate playback full-score layout to include it while omitting/unchecking the Bass from your printable full score.

I had a similar issue, but with more complicated form, when I wanted to have several continuo instruments all play back from the same staff. A pretty easy solution should be to simply have two instruments in the playback tab point to the same midi channel. Depending on which sound library you’re using, many will let you transpose individual instruments, but exactly how would depend on your specific library.

At some point, it’d be super cool if Dorico had support for this sort of situation. I know that the condense feature that they’re working on covers similar ground, but it could be different enough that it wouldn’t actually be the solution. Though, if such a feature did ever come, it’s likely a long way off. For now, you should be able to fiddle in the play tab and in the VST windows to get what you want :wink: