Cello part 1/2 step down transposed by Dorico


This morning I create a project as usual.
Play a song on Anytune as usual then Dorico made a sound (agrega chord of strings)
then my cello part was played half step down. G sound as F#.
I restarted Dorico but it didn’t solve the problem.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (975.8 KB)

What can I do?

Attach the project so that we can look inside - just a bars’ worth is fine if the problem still exists.

Thank you for your reply.
I thought the diagnostic was enough but here the project file.
はんぶんこ mayumi miyazaki.dorico (1.1 MB)

It plays fine here i.e. G sounds like G.

Have you tried reapplying your Playback Template?

Thank you for your reply.
I don’t use any special playback template.
What should I do from here?
CleanShot 2024-05-04 at 09.59.03

When playback is a semi-tone higher or lower than expected on all instruments, check the sample rate. Some app has probably changed it in your output card, without letting Dorico know about it, hence the discrepancy. If it’s only on one instrument, then check out the vst instrument, its expression map, and chances are you’ve found the problem.


Thank you MarcLarcher,
Changing the sample rate fixed it.
I wish Dorico were less sensitive change his parameter.
2 days ago it was Ableton Live Link function making trouble to Dorico.
I really grateful of your help but I spent many time in this forum to be able to use Dorico.

Anytime you have more than one app wanting to change the settings on your audio interface, it’s like having two people in your home who disagree over what temperature should be set on your thermostat - and they keep changing it back and forth. Neither person is necessarily wrong, and neither Dorico or Ableton is necessarily in the wrong.

In both cases the simplest solution is to pick one setting, use it in both apps and leave it alone. :slight_smile:


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In my case I was running Dorico and Anytune.
Anytune is a music player and as far as I know is not suppose to change
sample rates to another application, but I’m not an expert.
I run Logic, Luna, Ableton Live and Sibelius and they live quiet well open at the same time.
I just wish after 9 years of release Dorico worked better.

Assuming all your other programs use the same sample rate, Dorico can operate quite well at either 44.1K or 48K. Setting it to be compatible only needs to be done once.

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As a music player Anytune definitely does. It reads an audio file or audio data which has a certain sample rate and sets your audio to that sample rate setting to play it. Those are common sources of problem. Music players like that are one reason people set everything at 44.1 - or they dedicate a machine in their studio to the purpose when they want to record or compose at 96 or 48…

Could be some apps you mentioned are already set the same. It can depend on what you open first, the actual files being used …. I think I’ve made every DAW, notation software, iTunes etc. that I’ve ever owned mad at some point. I might have gear acquisition sickness :slight_smile: But I’m California sober now. :roll_eyes: