Center-justified and right-justified Player numbers

Will it be possible in the future to be able to have the Player numbers center-justified and right-justified, as in the example here?


I see what you mean – would you want all instrument numbers (ie inner staff labels) to be treated as the same “column”, and the center-alignment for them to be horizontally aligned? Or would you imagine this being on a per-staff basis, so the instrument numbers might end up with different distances between the initial barline and their grouped “outer” staff label, depending on the length of their outer staff label?

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I think the first option. It looks like the numbers are simply right-justified up to the edge of the stave at the moment. This would be fine for me but I’m often asked to replicate these old scores, and the clients like to know if center-aligned numbers are possible. Not a high priority, in the grand scheme of things - but it would be nice to put it on the Wish List.

Inner staff labels are indeed right-aligned by default, which is determined by the Staff Labels (Inner) paragraph style. However, making this center-aligned ends up with the inner staff labels center-aligned relative to the entire width of staff labels, rather than essentially still right-aligned, but center-aligned relative to each other.

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Yes that’s why I was hoping for an eventual option to have them center-aligned but right-justified, so they’d end up looking like the image. I refuse to let mechanical typesetting win!!

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Yes, please, anything that can be improved here will be a huge win for anyone working on condensed scores!